Care Instructions

cura gioielliAll jewelry will be affected over time by daily wear and elements. The gold and silver surface can become opaque and tired. 18 karat Gold and Sterling Silver are quite soft, therefore need to be treated with care. Timeworn prongs or sharp impacts may cause the loss of one or more stones. When working with your hands, doing exercise etc., we suggest to remove your jewelry.

Always put your jewelry on last; perfume alcohol, make-up and hairspray may damage porous gemstones and pearls.

If possible, it is best to have your jewelry professionally cleaned and cared.

If you prefer to keep your jewelry sparkling at home, here is some brief advice on what to use:


Gold cleaning liquid, ultrasund machine.


Silver cleaning liquid, ultrasound machine.


Soft, moist cloth.


Warm water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. Always dry your jewelry thoroughly after cleaning with a soft cloth.

Keep your jewelry in its original packaging or pouch to avoid exposure to enviromental pollutants.


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Cura dei Gioielli

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