Our jewels are always accompanied by personalized authenticity certifications with the description of the main characteristics, such as the kind of precious gems used, their weight in carats, the title and the weight of gold. In order to guarantee the high quality of products that fit with the world's best jewellers standards, we exclusively use 18 Karat Gold with an alloy title of 750/°°°, or Sterling Silver with an alloy title of 925/°°°, or pure fine platinum.

For any purchase of single diamonds or single colored precious stones, we provide a certification by internationally renowned gemological institutes, in order to guarantee its authenticity. When a diamond is sold, the certification also contains a detailed description of the diamond's characteristics and its grade of quality. This kind of certification is written in English. Following are among the most renowned laboratories and gemological institutes for the certification of the gems:

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) 

The GIA is the biggest institute for the certification of diamonds of the world. All the certifications are of high quality and widely recognized.

Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD)

The Belgian institute is the biggest European diamond certificator institute. The quality of the certifications corresponds to those of GIA.

International Institute of Gemology (IGI)

The Belgian Institute headquartered in Antwerp is represented by 16 offices and is now one of the largest and accredited diamond certification institutes.

Ethics & Provenance

Jona is committed in basing its business on fair and transparent trading. We source gemstones around the world since 1960, knowing personally the people with whom we trade, establishing relashionships with stone dealers based on fair and mutual trust.

We source high quality diamonds mined only from countries that are participants in the United Nations Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, which requires participating countries to control the export and import of all rough diamonds. We go beyond these measures trying to determine where a gemstone was cut and polished.

Further more the vast majority of Jona jewelry is manufactured locally, paying living wages to highly skilled workforce so to ensure that all the people involved in the making of your piece were given a fair deal.


Feel free to contact us for any inquiry, our support team will be able to assist you by telephone at the following number +39 – 0118123967 from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm, Italy local time

or by e-mail at info@jona.it.

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